Marvellous Décor provides outstanding office interior designing & execution services including wall decors, products for a well designed office, re-designing of an entire floor, false ceilings, floorings, cabin partitions in glass, wood, aluminum and gypsum, exclusive office carpets, vertical & roller blinds, chairs & custom-designed modular furniture and many more.


The office interior holds a large portion of our work life and hence it is as important as the designing of our home. Here, we have all the necessary information about office interiors & various design ideas. Office interior design is vital whether the office is at your home or in a commercial building. In either case, a proper planning is necessary to achieve best results.

An ideal office is one which has all the comfort, safety and functionality along with an eye catching environment. There is a wide and exciting range of possibilities for office interiors. As there are different types of businesses so one office-style cannot meet all requirements of the other, hence there are no set of rules constituting an office style.

If your business requires you to take clients into your office, then it is imperative that your office interior must reflect professionalism, as it will mark an impression of your identity and your capability at work.

Owing to the backing of our interior designers, we are capable of offering corporate interiors designing services to our clients. Our designers utilize the working space efficiently and take due care of the structure and function of the layout of premises. While maximizing workspace efficiency, our core team strives to deliver innovative and premium design solutions by blending the design flair, creativity, aesthetics and technology. Their creative designing reflects the overall corporate identity of our clients.
Besides providing expert office interior solutions, Marvellous Décor specializes in rehabilitation works for commercial & residential spaces such as concrete repairs, heavy-duty waterproofing systems, chemical injections and damp-proof treatments. Customized treatments are also provided as per site requirement, for example waterproofing for open terraces, waterproofing for covered terraces, waterproofing for basement over decks & walls, terrace gardens etc.
A home is a large investment in the future. We have worked with many families for over 8 years helping them to build that future. We encourage making the house fit the land, not the reverse. This is most economical as well as a necessity in preserving the natural beauty of the area that we cater to.

For all your “dream-home” needs, please visit our construction wing at www.marvelloushomes.in or e-mail us your requirement at contactus@marvelloushomes.in We look forward to work with you on your next project.
Part of the diversity that is Marvellous Decor includes working with individuals with special needs and projects. These may include driveways and walkways, lawns of built-up houses, patios, portable roofs etc. We enjoy the challenge of adding a special touch to a vision.